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3-D Printing Club

The purpose of the 3D Printing Club is to pioneer the advancement of home and industrial additive manufacturing technologies.

Aero Design (Aero Design)

Aero Design is focused on building an RC aircraft with focus on undergraduate involvement through the CAMP umbrella organization.


Professional Organization for Chemical Engineers

Alpha Chi Sigma

Alpha Chi Sigma fraternity is the nation's oldest professional chemical fraternity. The Beta Phi chapter was established in 1970 at the SD School of Mines.

Alpha Delta Pi

Established in 1851, Alpha Delta Pi is committed to sisterhood, values and ethics, high academic standards and social responsibility.

Alpha Omega Epsilon

Alpha Omega Epsilon is the professional engineering and technical science sorority on the SDSM&T campus.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Team (Clean Snowmobile) (Alternative Fuel Vehicle Team (Clean Snowmobile))

We design, manufacture and test a 100% electric snowmobile to compete in the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge.

Amateur Radio Club (Amateur Radio Club)

When all other forms of communication fail, Amateur Radio still gets the message through.

American Assocation of Petroleum Geologists

NMR Short Course - See Events for Information

American Chemical Society (American Chemical Society)

Science based organization, that strives to spread the love of chemistry throughout SDSM&T and the Rapid City Area, through outreach activities, and community service.

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